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a woman is repairing her car in a parking lot.


We provide easily accessible car charging options for both residential and commercial clients.
a woman in a blue dress is charging her car.
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About Us

We work with both homeowners and business owners around North London to provide the electrical charging points they need. Our customers are the core of our business. We will work one on one with you to discover exactly what your needs are, and then deliver exactly what you require.

What We Do

Electric Charging Services

At In-Charge EV Installation, we specialize in installing convenient electric charging points around London. See below for a breakdown of our primary services, or visit our contact page to get in touch and make an inquiry.

Certified Olev Installer 

You could save up to £350 off the installation the OLEV grant scheme if:

  • Your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle is on the eligible vehicles list

  • You have taken keepership of a new or second hand eligible vehicle on or after 1 October 2016

  • You have ordered an eligible vehicle (proof required)

  • You are leasing an eligible vehicle for at least six months

  • You have been assigned a company car for at least six months on or after 1 October 2016

  • You have leased the vehicle as part of a salary-sacrifice scheme from 1 October 2016 onwards

  • You have off-street parking

a woman charging her electric car on the street.
a woman in a blue dress is charging her car.

Commercial Charging Points

1 hr

Charging Options

Commercial and Residential

We offer extensive charging solutions for your office or home needs. We start every job with a pre-installation survey, where a team member will come to your site to discover exactly what will fit your needs best.

a man plugging his car into an electric charger.
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What Clients Say

"The service was delivered within 24 hours of the parts arriving. The quality of workmanship was excellent. He took time to explain how it worked and make sure I was able to charge my car properly. Strongly recommend"

Our Partners

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Let's Get Started

Interested in the charging options we have in the London area? Are you in need of our charging points at your home or office? Contact us today to get started!

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